Presenting the MOPS Quilts for NHCH

Uggh, Jill, why don't you hold this one so I don't have to explain the terrible puckering...

Yesterday I took Koa up to North Hawaii Community Hospital (where we was born) and presented the MOPS baby quilts to the Family Birthing Unit.

Most MOPS moms have delivered at NHCH and we thought this was a great way to give back to a place that has given us so much.  We collected baby clothes from the moms last year and then pieced them together to create baby-sized quilts for the newborns at the Birthing Center.

The staff was so kind and patient with our flock of small children.  They were very appreciative for the blankets and listened to our feedback on the care we received while there.  Personally, after delivering at Adventist in Portland, Oregon and then coming here, I was grateful that the staff respected our desire for privacy and that they were so accommodating to my birthing plan (which I kept changing anyway).

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