A Poem

The other day, as I poured through my old journals looking for inspiration to write my Tea & Treasure testimony, Mr A asked me why I don't write anymore.  Which seems funny to say - as I am writing this on my blog.

I suppose it's because at the height of my creative output I was also in the depth of my mental breakdown.  Maybe that has left me with the subconscious impression that anything I write now wouldn't be as "real" or as "insightful".  The fear of that has kept me from trying.  It's been almost 5 years and, not to sound cliche, but I think I've lost touch with my creativity.  So the last night, I wrote a poem.  And here it is...

 A drop, a dot
a speck of sand
on a vast, curving shore.
A broken shell's
smooth pink edge
a small piece, nothing more.
Enduring the tide
a true purpose
waiting to be unearthed,
the discarded peice
of something large
is larger than its worth.


  1. I can't believe you feel like you aren't creative and yet you've posted like a zillion craft projects over the past few months. Puh-lease. You are already a creative goddess. But if you want to add poet to your already long list of accomplishments, go for it!

  2. You should totally write more. You are an amazing writer.