Koa 9 month check up

27" (ish), 10th percentile
18lbs 6oz, 20th percentile

The doctor listened to his heart and asked me if anyone had ever said anything to me about the murmur. 


The doctor said that he heard what he suspects might be a VSD or tiny hole between the heart valves.  He's sending us to a cardiologist in Hilo to get an EKG, echo thing, or whatever it is cardiologists do.  He said this shouldn't freak us out and, from the look on Mr As face, I would say "mission unaccomplished." 

It's probably no big deal, the doctor said most kids grow out of it and the murmur is gone by the time they get to school.  Mr A had a heart murmur when he was a kid, too.  Koa doesn't show any signs of having circulation issues so I'm going to go with "not a big deal" until someone gives me information that proves otherwise. 

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