Waikoloa Village Easter Eggstravaganza!

This morning we went down to Waikoloa for the 10,000 Easter egg hunt.  Literally 10,000 eggs.  I know because I was part of the stuffing committee the other weekend.

 The "hunts" were actually just eggs in an open area and the kids would scramble around to collect them.  They had multiple age divisions and then an "open" division at the very end with the eggs that were leftover.  It was nice because every kid got lots of eggs and there was free shave ice and a raffle at the end.  Ikaika's number got called first for the raffle and we won a $10 Target gift card!
 the field was cleared of hundreds of eggs in a matter of minutes

I secretly pat myself on the back for remembering to sunscreen the kids before we left the house

 checking the eggs for something mom will let him eat...

The Eggstravaganza was hosted by Abundant Life Ministries, which is the charter church of my MOPS group.  Most of the eggs were donated (leftovers) from WalMart last year and all the candy, stuffing and raffle prizes were donated.  The event was totally free and open to the community.  It was awesome.
 thanks, Mom, for the basket - I'm sure this isn't what you intended

I refuse to participate in the materialism of buying my kids presents every holiday.  But I'm not a total Grinch (Frugal Frannie, maybe), so I'm glad that there is an event like this available for Ikaika to experience a more contemporary Easter thing without me having to compromise what I think is important.

 we are trying our best...

to keep life fun.

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