Date Night at Keauhou Bay Sheraton

Mr A and I were able to escape our children for the night and headed to the Keauhou Bay Resort (Sheraton) for an all-you-can-eat Prime Rib buffet.  My lovely husband won this dinner at a golf tournament last January and it's taken us this long to find a babysitter/save up enough gas money for the drive to south Kona.
In fact, we were going to go the other weekend, but Ikaika broke his head open so we had to cancel.  Thankfully, Keauhou extended the expiration date of our voucher...


I'm pretty sure this is the back of Hualalai (mountain) overlooking Keauhou Bay.  I want to snorkel down here sometime.  There was a storm watch last night, but it never rained.  I think a torrential downpour would have been cool, but that's just me.

This guy ended up catching nothing.  Fishing with a lure seems like a lot of work.

During dinner, as I went back for my second plate of sweet potato/haupia pie, I reflected on how special Hawaii is.  For a lot of people (many of them in the buffet line), it's probably just a nice vacation or a realization of some idyllic postcard scenery.  Hawaii is a very powerful place.  There are so many meanings behind all the small actions, all the seemingly insignificant details.
I think this all came to mind because the entertainer was singing with his ukulele and they were all songs that were from or about this island.  It could be heard as just background "elevator" music, but there were people in this exact place 50, 100 years ago who were writing these songs and playing them on the ranches.  Ooo, I got chicken skin!   

I ended up wearing the same dress I wore to the Shaklee convention in San Francisco 5 years ago.  Italian silk never goes out of style.  I wore different shoes and spent more than a minute being sad about how they weren't heels (I have no heels, zero.  how crazy).  My husband wore the shirt he wore to our wedding.  At first he complained that the pin-tucks were too fancy, but when I pointed out that he didn't need to wear a tie, he was stoked!

We digested our 4 plates of food with a roarin' game of ping pong.  The competition wasn't exactly fierce but I choose to blame the dim lighting.

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