Resolution Run 2011 5K & Polar Bear Dive!

I DID IT!  I finished the 5K and Polar Bear Dive into Lake Washington this morning! 

I was smart to find a good running buddy.  My friend Carrie kept a great pace and kept me running the whole time.  We finished a little over 30 minutes, which is surprising and awesome!  I don't know the official time yet.  We had to wear little time tags on our shoes - it felt so official.  My other friend Rose ended up taking first for the women.  Obviously I wasn't anywhere near her (except at the chili feed afterward!)

The day was beautiful - crisp and clear.  The snow capped mountain range made a perfect backdrop for all my huffing and puffing.  By the time we approached the launch area for the Polar Bear Dive I was already hot and pumped full of adrenaline so going into the lake was a breeze.  This is definitely a great way to start off a new year :)

Ikaika wore his new Wisconsin jacket because we had to muster up some juju for the Rose Bowl this afternoon.  Nothing like snuggling up with some great football after a cold, but accomplished, morning!

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  1. How cool!