Yesterday was our big Christmas la-di-dah (we have always done the majority of the celebrating on Christmas Eve).  The night started with a family trip to Top Foods for Christmas candy shopping and picking out ingredients for our pizza dinner.

pretty sure you aren't supposed to sample out of the bulk bins

 Ikaika was super into these gummy frogs.  Sure, candy is unhealthy and I almost never let him eat it - but Jesus' b-day only comes once a year so why not go nuts?!

 learning about jelly belly flavors

After a delicious family dinner, we opened presents!!!  Beth was the gift passer this year (with Ikaika as her assistant). 

Many winners were exchanged this year.  Carolyn, heading to college in the fall, got many many gifts for the out-of-state dorm room (ie. lots of Seattle stuff)  You wouldn't believe the excitement caused by this Snuggie!

 But the best gift was time together as a family.  Aww...

 ...actually, the best gift was this hoodie from Beth.  It's a Bucky the Badger hoodie and I LOVE IT!  Ikaika was really excited about Teach Me How to Bucky on YouTube and watched it at least 5 times.
It wasn't the official Christmas movie though.  This year we skipped the movie and instead played Shout About (a DVD trivia game) instead.  Carolyn and Dad won both times (boohoo).  Then Mom went to bed and we played Time Travelers - a History Channel trivia DVD Beth got.

This year was really fun because Ikaika is old enough to enjoy opening presents.  Here is a sampling of what our 3 hour present opening event was like.

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