ExerSaucer - a useful baby gadget

 Our neighbors gave us this Winnie the Pooh exer-saucer thing.  I've seen them before but never really understood what they were for since I was perfectly inclined to let Ikaika lay on the floor and entertain himself.  Then again, by the time he was this age he could already pull himself to standing.  A kid with that much mobility probably has little use for a stationary chair.

My little baby, on the other hand, has just about zero motor power.  Koa has just started being able to roll over with real vigor and he's able to sit up (sometimes by himself but for sure if he's supported by a Bumboo chair or the like).  This previously misunderstood contraption is now the perfect thing for our carport. 

I just plop Koa in there and let him cruise while Ikaika plays with trains or rides his bike or whatever.  He's entertained, away from the dirt, and just look how happy he is in there!

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