Pregnancy #2 Update: Awaiting Labor

Went in for a check up today.  First of all, I'm measuring at 32 on the belly, which is on the low side.  After checking the amniotic fluid (and determining it was plentiful), the doctor concluded that I must be having a tiny baby.  Good news!  Then she looked "in there" and told me I was 3cm dilated and 50% effaced.  Basically said my cervix is ready whenever this kid is. 

I asked about sweeping the membranes.  I did this with Ikaika and went into labor a day later.  Of course, I was a week overdue so who knows what actually started the whole labor thing, but it couldn't hurt to just nudge this boy along.  Doc said fine so we went for it.  Now...I remember this being uncomfortable, but I don't remember it feeling like someone was trying to remove my internal organs!  HOLY SMOKES!  That was so painful!  I was laughing hysterically because if I hadn't done that I would have screamed.  Or cried.  Or both.  She must have been entertained because, well, I asked for it! 

I have no clue if this will bring the baby out any quicker but the contractions that were uncomfortable yesterday have become downright painful tonight!  They aren't regular or super intense but they are different and I'm going to take that as a good sign of things to come. 

When she finished the membrane sweeping she told me, "now you are at 4cm".  I gained a whole centimeter in like 30 seconds! SCORE!

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