G-Diapers as an Alternative

Mr A likes using disposable diapers.  I don't know if he "likes" it so much as it is convenient and he would rather not deal with feces.  But, either way, throughout Ikaika's infancy, we have ended up regularly using 'sposies for going out or bedtime.  I desperately want this to stop. 

I'm so grossed out by the thought that when I die those diapers are still going to be in a landfill somewhere, no exaggeration.  It seems like such a huge waste for such a small amount of convenience.  I also find that, because of this guilt, when I use 'sposies I tend to leave me kid sitting around in a "sort of wet" diaper a whole lot longer, which isn't very nice.  I also find that disposable diapers STINK and we end up having to take out the trash every day.  Boo!

So, I've been looking into alternatives.  Something that could bridge the gap between cloth and disposable.  Gdiapers hit my radar during my first pregnancy (I lived in Portland, Oregon - things like that were hard to avoid).  I never gave them much attention because they seemed too expensive to me.  If I can make my own diapers from shirts or get a box of prefolds for $20 off craigslist then how could I possibly justify spending $50 for 120 diapers?  Then, when money got real tight and Costco tempted me with 200+ diapers for $35 on coupon...sigh...

Well, now I'm on my second kid and I already have a sizable stash of cloth dipes.  I also have a better idea of how and when I use disposables.  I am ready to try Gdiapers.  I found some Gpants at a yard sale a few months ago and just bought some inserts on the cheap from craigslist.

Gdiapers are flushable (I swear), compostable, biodegradable, and/or just plain disposable (but unlike Kirkland's they won't still be around for my kid's first day of school).  The system is a pair of cloth pants with a liner and the flushable insert that goes into the liner.  I've read about people using these with a small cloth diaper in place of the insert.  They seem well suited to the system we already have in place.

The inserts are about $50 for 120 (size small) or 160 (size medium/large).  It seems like so much, but then I remember that Seventh Generation chlorine free dipes, which I prefer to buy, are $15-20 for a pack of about 40.

How much have I spent on Ikaika's diapers?  It's almost impossible to say.  I would estimate around $500.  Being that I don't need to spend any money on cloth diapers for the new baby (except maybe to replace a few worn out covers), I feel like I can splurge a little on things like Gdiapers. 

Can I make it through the next two years without having to succumb to the temptations of disposables?  Is Gdiapers the answer to my prayers?  Only time will tell...


  1. My friend Jordan has used GDiapers for her son Noah (18 months old now) and loves them.

  2. Anonymous3.8.10

    We switched over to cloth and I bought Gdiapers. Not the flushable, compostable, bidodegrabale kind though. I am somewhat happy with the cloth ones. Avery gets some pretty bad red spots from the little snaps that hold the plastic cover in and the poop leaks frequently but she does poop A LOT. You will have to let me know how you like their disposable ones cause I don't think my husband is going to last long on the cloth kick!

  3. Good to know about the snaps. I don't know what to say about the poops leaking - I've never had that problem with cloth. Have you checked the fit to make sure you have the right size?

    Are you using any other kind of cloth or just the Gdiapers?