Don't Leave Us, Oma!

I am totally overwhelmed with life right now.  Without going into gory detail - it's just nuts.  I so desperately want the next month, the next week, to be over and done.  Looking back, there is no way I would have survived the last two weeks without my mom here.  Ikaika surely wouldn't have survived.  Luckily, mom was here and everyone made it out alive.

I don't want to take her to the airport tomorrow.  I want to kidnap her.  I want to give her a small corner of our house and have her live here forever.  I think my dad should understand.  I've begged her to stay and she refused.  I am sad.  But life, overwhelming as it may be, must go on.

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  1. Anonymous27.8.10

    OH what an adorable photo. It is hard taking that first step after the post-labor help goes home. But you can do this! You are a fantastic mom and you will figure out the mothering of two in no time.