Diaper Clutch, Cabled Hat, and Patch Jacket

The past few weeks, since we got back from vacation, I feel like I've been stuck in a rut. Just working, chores, baby, grad school stuff, etc. I haven't been doing things for me. I've been ignoring my beloved hobbies. So the last few days I've been reading more, sewing more, and even finding time to knit. I feel fabulous and here are the results.

For starters, I've finished not one but TWO novels!
Then I made this diaper clutch for a friend who recently had her first daughter. Can not say enough how much I love this fabric!

Then I busted out a left over skein of cashmerino wool and got to work on this super soft, newborn size, cabled beanie. I remember there was once a time when cables would have been intimidating but I blasted through this project in less than 3 hours! I finished it today while waiting for my glucose test at the lab.

And finally, I put this kajukenbo patch on Ikaika's jacket. Of course, when he grows out of the jacket this patch will likely be moved to another hoodie or his gi. But, I like him having things now that are more personal than whatever JC Penny originally plastered on the chest.

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