A Mother's Day Gift - Kid's Craft Surprise!

I've seen these on other people's refrigerators - exact words verbatim - and I've always thought to myself "what is the big deal?  the preschool teacher cut and paste stuff onto a card!"

But today, after a relaxing MOPS spa day, my sweet little boy handed me this and my heart melted into a puddle of butter!  This is the first craft project I've received as a mother and it's so precious to me I want to frame it and put it on the front door so everyone can look at how adorable my son's hand is.

Or I could run home and post it on my blog...either way, I suddenly understand why I'm always seeing these displayed in other peoples' houses!


  1. AWWW! How cute! Isn't being a mom wonderful :)

  2. THE BEST!!! Best job I've ever had ;P