Yo Yo Yogurt - benefits of probiotics and healthy yogurt recipe for kids

Yogurt is a nutritional powerhouse, packed with B-vitamins, calcium and magnesium. The real star of yogurt is the live active cultures, or probiotics, which regulate flora in the intestines. These beneficial bacteria help everything from digestion to the immune system. Cultured dairy products have been used for centuries as a health food throughout the world, but the familiarity and availability of yogurt makes it one of the most popular choices for kids.

Beware of heavily sugared yogurts that lack probiotics. These products have little nuritional benefit for children and are essentially desserts. I recommend using plain yogurt and customizing it with your own fruits and sweeteners. Also, always chose a whole milk variety for children under 2, they need the fat for brain and nerve development.

Yogurt blends easily with other ingredients, making it one of the most versatile foods in the fridge. Try adding half a cup to a smoothie or using plain yogurt instead of mayonnaise in tuna salad. Or try this pumpkin pie variety and sneak in some veggies!


1/2 C plain yogurt with active cultures
1/4 C canned pumpkin
1 tsp (heaping) fruit-only apricot preserves
1 tsp pumpkin pie spice

Mix and enjoy!

I just got this yogurt maker today - its an older model and didn't come with any instructions! Has anyone used one of these? How does this work?!


  1. I used to have one similar, but the jars all got broken so I tossed it. It was easy to use.. just follow a yogurt recipe, pour into jars, and leave it for like 10-15 hours, and you have yogurt. This might be more specific. http://www.cuisipro.com/site/eng/media/instructions/YogurtMaker.pdf
    I love yogurt!!

  2. You stole my idea!! I wanted a yogurt maker but Mr. Kim is so strict about buying what he calls knick-knacks!