Things to Munch On

Yesterday I found a box of organic winter squash that's been burning a hole in my freezer for almost 2 months. I tried this recipe for Squashed Macaroni from Mothering Magazine's website and it was a hit!

For those who don't know, Mr A will only eat cheese on the rare occasion and we never have it in the house (I still haven't figured out the exact reason, something about it's structural similarity to wax...) So this dish turned out to be great alternative to macaroni and cheese. The creamy consistency and yellow hue were so similar to Kraft that several people at the basketball game asked the baby if he was enjoying his mac n cheese! I thought the taste was somewhat similar and the crunch of the walnuts was very satisfying. It's also a great way to sneak in another serving of veggies. I will be making this again.

Now something for your brain to munch on. Amy, over at Super Healthy Kids, posted a report from her friend's dentist showing what drinks rot teeth the fastest. So shocking. It sure made me think twice about giving the baby Gatorade!

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