Double Standard

I would like to rant for a moment about how unfair it is that two parents of the exact same kid get treated totally different. Yes, I realize that I deserve this considering I did the same thing to my own parents, but it still irritates me!

Mr A is always suggesting tricks that make his life so much easier when he is watching the baby but they never work for me! It's not that he's smug about it, it's just that I don't understand why our child responds to the XY chromosome carrier, but not the lady who carried and delivered him!

Case in point: nap/sleep time. Ikaika is a willful sleeper and typically screams for at least 5 minutes when he is put down. The other day, Mr A told me about this great idea of his where he lays down on the futon next to the playpen until the baby falls asleep. According to my husband, this has led to many a peaceful slumbers with minimal trauma and a few catnaps for the adult.

Well, I tried it this morning and...NOT HAPPENING! I think my presence just made the baby more pissed. It was a screaming and crying and trying to climb out of the playpen disaster. After 10 minutes I said, "forget this!", walked out of the room and just left him to settle himself like normal. No one was getting any sleep as long as I was in that room - especially not me!

Why isn't parenting strategy interchangeable?!

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