Welcome to Our Weekend

This weekend we took a deep breath and put the PRAXIS behind us.  Mr A said the test was much harder than he anticipated (more difficult than the review book) and he was slightly discouraged by having run out of time on two of the sections.  Now we just wait for the scores and go from there.

I was almost jealous watching him walk into the testing center.  I love the thrill of a big exam.  The rush!  The high!  I seriously miss school.  Is that sick or what?

So the baby and I had a couple hours to wander around Hilo.  Ikaika unfortunately came down with an incredibly high fever so I felt horrible killing time at Ross and WalMart knowing that he just wanted to be at home, watching football and relaxing with his sippy cup.  (This picture is from the Rose Bowl)

I also had forgotten my Ergo baby carrier at home (blast!) so I ended up using my scarf as a make shift sling.  I happened to be wearing a krama, which is a large cotton scarf from Cambodia and the best dollar I have ever spent.  When we were traveling there, I saw people use that thing a million different ways, including to carry a baby.  Apparently, all I need to do is tie the two ends in a knot and it becomes a comfy pouch for my little guy.  He instantly fell asleep.  I'm kicking myself for not taking a picture.

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