Making Lists

There is so much to do before my parents and sister arrive on Thursday night!  I have made at least 3 lists, including "What Groceries to Buy at KTA" (Mt. Dew, of course!), "Sundries to Pick Up in Kona", and "Things to Finish Around the House"!

Today I am focusing on
  • grocery shopping
  • making granola bars for my sister
  • general cleaning/picking up of all rooms
  • making a fabric cover for the cooler that sits in our living room (my mom pointed it out on Skype and I was kind of embarrassed but I love it and don't want to put it in storage!)
  • getting the hall closets cleared out so Mr A can fix the shelves that fell down
  • moving the playpen into our room
  • organizing all the shoes in the doorway
  • taking out the trash
  • stocking supplies (ie. toilet paper) around the house
  • wiping all the mirrors and windows
  • updating the blog!!!

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