Stress is a terrible thing.  Take this morning for example. 

The new webcam I got so we could "spend the holidays" with our families is NOT WORKING (Ive reinstalled the program twice and it will work sometimes and not others, which makes it all the more evil).  The baby is refusing to sit on the potty and destroying all the furiniture I spend an hour and a half child-proofing last night (didn't take into account that he was going to attack the exterior with hard objects).  The house is a mess and no matter how many dishes I wash it's not looking any cleaner.  The delicious vegetarian sloppy joes I made last night have given me the worst smelling gas imaginable (did you really need to know that?). 

Granted, these are all problems that will clearly not be resolved by stressing.  If I really want to relax I should just call technical support (which I don't want to do right now so I'm obviously not that deperate for a solution), put a diaper on Ikaika, place all hard objects out of his reach, keep cleaning or possibly go on a walk (so I don't have to acknowledge the mess), and take some bean-o.  There you have it - problem solved.  No more stress.

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