Lokahi Tree and Bargain Hunting for Kids Clothes

I love volunteering during the holidays!  No matter how broke-as-a-joke I am, I know that whether I am knitting a sweater or serving some soup, I always have time to give. 

Today the baby and I went down to Kona and shopped for our family for the Lokahi tree (a charitable organization that sponsors needy families in Hawaii and provides them with gifts and dinner during the holidays).  I am so excited because I think this family of 4 is going to be really happy with the things I picked out for them!  Especially their daughter who is getting a beautiful bed!...that, and it's always fun to shop, even more so when it's not my money!

Anyhow, so I was finding clothes for their 18month boy.  My kid is nearly the same age and I have a few things to say about finding clothes on a budget.

I shop for a majority of Ikaika's clothes (on the rare occasion when I need to since he is gifted a lot of clothes from family and friends) at the thrift shop, where they are 50 cents a piece. I think this is by far the best deal and most baby clothes aren't worn enough to make a significant difference.

As far as stores, I think Target is far superior to WalMart.  WalMart's clothes are usually cheap (as in low quality) and the sale racks are between $5-10.  Target has some great clothes and their sale racks average $1.50-5, a STEAL!  The secret is to buy things a season ahead.  So when the winter clothes are on sale, you buy the next size up (or whatever size you would anticipate your kid to be next winter).

Although I have to take my hat off to Wally-Mart because today I found a Martha Stewart Scrapbook for $5 and that made me so happy I literally did a fist pump at the checkout stand! 

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