Life might be easier if I had...

rechargeable batteries (notice how I havent posted any original pics lately because I am out of batteries - AGAIN!)

a lock top rice cooker with a timer

a computer desk

a hand mixer

a bidet.  Life might be easier with the hose kind because that can pull double duty as a diaper sprayer - but these are cute too.

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  1. A hand held bathroom bidet sprayer is so much better than a stand alone bidet or bidet seat and this is why:1. It's less expensive (potentially allot less) 2. You can install in yourself = no plumber expense 3. It works better by providing more control of where the water spray goes and a greater volume of water flow. 4. It requires no electricity and there are few things that can go wrong with it. 5. It doesn't take up any more space, many bathrooms don't have room for a stand alone bidet. 6. You don’t have to get up and move from the toilet to the bidet which can be rather awkward at times to say the least. Available at http://www.bathroomsprayers.com One review: http://jonathanandandrea.blogspot.com/2009/04/spray-it-or-scrub-it.html