Healthy Eating Rampage

I love this woman's blog, her recipes are always fantastic, and she is really good about answering any questions.  Its just a great resource when cooking for older children and adults rather than infants.

I dont know if its fasting or what, but Ive been cooking like a maniac.  Heres a brief list of whats been pumped out of my kitchen in the last 48 hours:

A large majority of this is going into the freezer, which is fantastic for quick and easy meals.  Its especially important to have a stock of things for the baby because otherwise I end up feeding him junk.

The pancake mix is really my pièce de résistance because we have been looking for something here in Hawaii that could replace our much beloved Trader Joes MultiGrain Pancake Mix.  If I had known how simple it is to make my own I never would have thought twice about leaving TJs behind!  And this way I can pack it full of any other goodies or extra healthy bits I desire!  Long live the pancake!

For those of you who think Hawaii is always palm trees and balmy breeze, check out my view yesterday.  Bleh!  This also may have been a contributing factor to my insane cooking spree.

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  1. Wow!!! Is it day 5 of the cleanse already?! I can't believe you have the will power to do it. I gave up after 2 hours! Actually I think it might have been less than that! I think it's good that your husb and baby are still eating cuz I would feel guilty about all the food in the fridge going to waste! Maybe Mr. Kim and I can switch off but I just know that the both of us couldn't watch the other one eat kimchi and rice. Oh well....