Green Cleaning Routine for Kid Safety

I take my cleaning products seriously.  I am the lady who litterally stood up and cheered when her favorite company came out with dryer sheets made from vegetable oil.

And this is not without good reason!  We play on the floors, sleep in the sheets, and breathe in the air in our house - its only natural that we would ingest a large amount of whatever product we are using to clean.  My place has an extra set of super small hands that pry into everything and want to taste whatever they touch.  It's critical that my household cleaning products are safe before, during and after application.

Pictured here are the cleaning products I use for our two bedroom apartment.  With the exception of laundry soap and a few essential oils (not pictured), this is it.  One of the best ways to green your cleaning routine is to simplify.  Gentle, multipurpose products not only go the distance dollar-wise, cutting down on the number of products around the house cuts down on opportunities for accidents.

My favorite of these is Shaklee Basic H.  This product can clean ANYTHING in a pinch.  Mirrors, counters, laundry, dishes, floors, carpets, cars, people, there is almost nothing this product can't tackle.  The formula is super concentrated (two drops with 16oz of water = window cleaner) so it lasts forever.  The best part is that if someone should happen to drink the concentrate, the worst you could look forward to is a bad case of diarrhea.  A superior quality multipurpose cleaner and a few spray bottles can replace hundreds of bottles of conventional cleaning product.  Its well worth the $10 investment!


  1. *gasp* Swiffer!?

  2. I know I wrote a long post awhile back about how the swiffer has chemicals in it that will kill a small animal if they lick their paws after walking on a swiffered floor (true story). That is the wet-jet and other similar products.

    These are the dusters. They dont have any chemicals on them (as far as I know) and they came with the apartment (the one thing I didnt throw out upon arrival). My dad swears by these for dusting his collectibles and I think they are useful for dusting our 3 ceiling fans because the dust clumps dont fly everywhere.

    IMO a wet rag would work just as well.