Keeping Up with Kris Jenner

While channel surfing the other night I came across an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians...

I know. im sorry.

...and Kris Jenner said something I thought was extraordinarily refreshing. She was visiting her ex husbands grave, bringing flowers and whatnot, and she was talking about him and them and why she was there, etc. In the course of this, she described her divorce as being "a very selfish decision" and admitted that she regrets it.

I dont think I have ever met someone in my entire life that was willing to admit their decision to get a divorce was "selfish". And, quite frankly, I totally agree with her. I dont even need to know the particulars of her situation because the fact she got a divorce alone tells me shes putting her needs first.

I really appreciated Kris Jenners honesty when it came right down to accepting responsibility for her choices.
Being unwilling to put forth the gads of effort it takes to fix a shitty relationship -or just suffer through it- is totally understandable and (in theory) ducking out of your vows isnt any "more selfish" than ducking out of a dinner reservation. Im not judging divorcees, Im just saying we should call a spade, a spade.

Thanks Kris Jenner for keepin' it real.

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