Our Town

Kamuela. aka Waimea.
Population 7,500.
2,500 ft above sea level.
U'a Kipu'upu'u (name of the famous rain)
This is Paniolo Country.
paniolo = hawaiian cowboy
This town is home to various ranches, farms, rodeos, and some seriously 'ono BBQ! It also has not one, but two private schools (HPA and Parker) although no public high school, the famous Parker Ranch complex, a Starbucks and a hoppin' farmers market every Saturday.

This is the view from our backyard - looking down towards the ocean (cant exactly see it because its somewhat hazy today) with the Kohala Mountain Range on your right. Straight ahead (and down on the coast) is Kawaihae Harbor and to the left would be the beautiful, richy-richy Kohala Coast!

Pink Anthuriums?!

Leave it to my wonderful, thoughtful, kind, generous, loving, caring, and creative husband to dig up something so special and unique for Mother's Day. Barf. I know.

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