Hapuna Beach

Here we are MID-WEEK at at the beach!

Mr A claims that in all his years growing up in Hawaii he never went to the beach during the week (he was always busy with sports or school or work or whatever). So it was terribly exciting to spend a Wednesday afternoon down at Hapuna! School lets out early on Wednesdays so since we had the extra hour and the beach is only 10-15 minutes away...why not?! After we finished playing in the waves (they dont call it "break neck beach" for nothing) we checked out some of Mr As students playing b-ball at the middle school and went to the store to pick up ingredients for a pizza I am making tonight.

Please notice the match match Ickey and I have going on here.

I doubt Ill be making another of these skirts anytime soon since I caught my son eating the pattern the other day.

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  1. Why are you wearing that long grammy skirt? You're younger than me!!!!