Its Flunk Day!

For those who dont already know, Flunk Day is a Knox College tradition where a secret day in the spring is selected and classes are canceled, senior "friars" burst into all the dorms at some ungodly hour and wake up the underclassmen, and a huge campus wide party (complete with bubble pit, staff v student softball and late night cover band) ensues. Its a tradition that really deserves to be carried throughout the rest of ones life.

Even though I no longer live in Post, I feel like Im already there. My "roommate" is sick this morning (although Im up to my ears in snot instead of vomit), I woke up super early and have gotten little to no sleep, and if my day continues like this I may end up drinking heavily before noon!

I thought it was hilarious that the Knox Alumni was encouraging us to get on Facebook and "share some Flunk Day memories" ...AS IF ANYONE REMEMBERS FLUNK DAY! If you can remember what you did clearly enough to make a coherent story out of it then you werent really participating to the fullest extent.

I do vaguely recall one Flunk Day Veronica's freshman year roommate and her boyfriend singing (and performing a colorful interprative dance) to "The Bad Touch" during campus karaoke and I was sitting there thinking "I cant believe shes doing this in front of all her professors..." But that thought was interrupted because Like A Virgin was up next and I needed time to prepare.

Mr A and I have been scoping out this place in town called Tako Taco - a mexican tequeria right in the heart of Waimea! - that apparently has some amazing pineapple salsa and margaritas I would like to try. Perhaps in honor of Flunk Day I will have to push my scheduled mother's day celebration forward!

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  1. Tracy8.5.09

    Happy (late) flunk day to you! I just flipped through pictures the other day and one of the best "non-memory" photo was from our senior year. Cheers to you! Hope you enjoyed your margarita! ~Tracy