Beach & Beets

This is Ickey playing at the beach on Saturday. You can clearly see where we are with the crawling to walking transition. Practicing in the sand is good because it doesnt hurt as much when he falls over - although he could drown so that kind of sucks...

The other video is him trying beets. The first food he has categorically rejected. You can see that I have to trick him to even open his mouth and even then he gags and acts like hes going to puke. I hope its not too dark...

He ran his first fever last night. Mr A has picked up something from the students and brought it home to share it with his family. The fever is gone (I put onion slices in his socks and gave him a cool bath) but the runny nose remains. Luckily, instead of being fussy and terrible, illness has made him docile and somber all day long.


  1. It's taken me like, 25 years to even tolerate beets.

    Are you watching Japanese TV in the background?

  2. No. Its Rising in the Eastern Sea - the Hawaiian language radio program. I try to listen to it even though I dont understand a thing they are saying!

    Funny...it does kind of sound like Japanese but I would describe Japanese (male) as being more "grumbly" or Japanese (female) as being more "cute".