TOOTH! He has a tooth!

Yesterday (actually it was the day before yesterday but whatever) we spotted a tooth. A real tooth that is breaking through the gums. I can scratch it with my nail and it feels hard like a regular ole tooth. Its the front bottom left.

Today, while watching March Madness (grr...what was that all about Huskies? Why are you forcing it down the middle?) there was another tooth sighting. The tooth directly next to the one thats already sprouted, front bottom right, is visible - although it hasnt broken through yet.

Although Ikaika is technically teething, I havent noticed much reaction from him. No runny nose or fever or anything of that nature. He slept like crap last night, but he sleeps like crap almost every night. He likes to suck on his teething rings (thanks Uncle Danny) but I havent noticed him preferring "teething" things over "non teething" things.

Any teething tips or tricks I should know about?

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