On my hands & knees!

Ikaika has made another breakthrough in mobility. These last few days he has been getting up and supporting the weight of his body on his hands and knees. You can tell that he wants to move that way (crawl) but he usually just falls forward on his face. But he will get up there and rock back and forth, etc.

We finally had to move the stuff around and create a kind of play area that is closed in by boxes and stuff. He doesnt necessarily like it but he was getting into all the electrical cords (his favorite chew toy) and the dumbells.

Ikaika also has begun sucking on his lip. I cant remember if I already said this - but the other day I was standing in line at Starbucks with Heidi and when I looked down he was sucking on his lip. And he hasnt stopped since.

He ate brown rice cereal the other day. He seems to like it mixed with the poi but he will eat it alone. He pushes it out of his mouth a lot, maybe he thinks it has a weird texture.

I would show you a picture of all this but Mr A accidently melted my battery charger (the smell was horrific to say the least) so no more pictures until I find some batteries.

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