Sunday drive to Hilo

Today we had to drive to Hilo, which is on the other side of the island and a good 2-2.5 hour drive from Hawi. I had to go there for a volleyball ref meeting but we took it as an opportunity to have some good fun.

On the way we stopped at Tex, an "ono kine food" roadside eatery right outside of Waimea, and got some yummy malasadas (sugar covered doughnut goodness). We also stopped at Akaka Falls and made the ten minute trek to get a good view of the tallest waterfall on the island.

Its about 450ft. Looks like Snohomish Falls but the hike there is shorter and easier, which is good since Im front-packing a 20lb baby.

The greenery is incredible - just like Jurassic Park (JP was filmed on Kauai). These leaves were as big as the baby! There were ferns that were as big as a car but I couldnt get a good picture that properly demonstrated their massive size.

I have to go back next week too because some genius didnt have the rule books ordered for us. Im looking forward to it because we will head out earlier and probably get to explore more of Hilo Town. Mr A wants to try fishing off the Hilo jetty. I want to poke around UHH campus and maybe hit the only cloth diaper store on the island.

Ickey was great in the car, he just slept and seemed to like the waterfall so that was cool. He charmed all the people at the meeting and we are now paying the price because its ten at night and hes fussy since he was sleeping all day. Either that or hes teething. I dont know!


  1. God, you look gorgeous, Kitie!

  2. fresh air and tofu, baby!

  3. Hey Kitie,

    I manage a British acting troupe that's actually going to be performing at UHH on Thursday the 12th. The show is Much Ado About Nothing and it's pretty good. Anyway, I'd be happy to arrange tickets for you and your husband if you're interested.

    Love your blog. Congrats on your marriage and your beautiful son!

    Amy Atkinson