Tis the Season...

...for some volleyball!

This weekend was the first tournament for the HPA boys team down at Kealakehe HS in Kona. HPA didnt do super awesome (got eliminated in the first round of tournament play) but got some good practice for the upcoming season.

Mr A enjoyed the coaching and Ikaika and I enjoyed the watching. We had a little scare on Friday night as our friend Heidi was holding him and he just started shrieking! I was thinking 'oh god no! dont let it be that my child suddenly cant be held by strangers. please let it be anything but that!" But everythings cool now. Heidi held him on Saturday and he was just cruizin, everything was good. Maybe he was just tired Friday night.

Tonight we tried a little experiment. Ive been letting Ikaika direct the pace of his own introduction to solids. Yesterday he grabbed at a slice of pizza I was holding so I was curious if that meant he had interest in food now. I sat him up in his stroller tonight and put some breastmilk on a baby spoon. Not only did he not enjoy the sensation of the spoon (the face was hilarious however), he diplayed no desire for the milk or the spoon (he didnt viciously attack the spoon the same way he attacked the boob when he was first born), and he had no clue what to do with the milk so it ended up just running down his chin with the rest of the drool. Ill take that as his way of saying, "nope, not ready yet. pass the boob please."

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  1. dana3.3.09

    I loved all the picture's of Ikaika. He is so big already, blessing to you both. I love Hilo, Hanakahi, the lehua blosoom tree's, and um Hilo big island chocolate cookie's! Honi Ikaika for us. Aloha, aunty dana