Ring of Fire

Yesterday we drove to Hilo and the weather was wet. Its been raining on that side of the island for almost four days straight now so there were a lot of flood warnings and landslide precautions being taken. On the way home we encountered one rockslide that, if it had been just a little more plentiful, would have blocked the entire road and we would have been stuck! But we got home safe & sound so no worries! From what I gather, this is a normal thing for this time of year (flood warnings on the major highways).

Aloha kakahiaka! Good morning! Arent you a cute sight for tired eyes?

This morning we had an exciting EARTHQUAKE! I wasnt even out of bed yet! It wasnt anything major, just a little rumble to remind us that we are residing on a live volcanic island. I had to laugh because when I was younger I was so worried about natural disasters, especially earthquakes, and I used to watch all those Ring of Fire documentaries, etc. I swore that I would never live anywhere that was in the RoF. And here I am with my newborn son and my little family, living at the epicenter of volcanic and techtonic activity!


  1. Anonymous13.3.09

    Katie~ Auntie Katie~~~ The girls love to see your pics and read about your blogs. Not to mention seeing their cousin. You do what you feel comfortable doing as a mom. You know everyone in their lives as a mother, has been criticized about how they are raising their child. You do what you think is right. I am sure there has been a few that have questioned my parenting skills.

  2. Anonymous13.3.09

    You know what...I am sooo happy with my kids right now. Britt is such a go getter in her softball. She has been practicing since January and is now full time in practice. She has her catching gear and is ready to switch to pitching whenever her coach wants her to. GO BRITT!!
    Chloe is wanting to do dance or something else. I suggested soccor or track because that girl can run forever....and ever...and ever!!