PS Send more Sleepers!

Holy Moses! It has been so cold here lately I could have sworn I was back in Portland this morning! Waimea is likely the chilliest place in the whole state. The rain there falls up (it just swoops up and hit you under the chin!) and the weather so far has been comparable to most average days in the northwest. Today even the Kohala Coast, which is normally the one place on the island that is for-sure sunny & 80 degrees, was raining! It was still warm (75) but that just meant wet & muggy which is grosser than gross. We had Ikaika rollin down there in his footie sleeper and a beanie. Where we live, Hawi, its been raining for a couple days now! Although Kohala is known for the wind (ka makani o kohala) even the locals say the weather has been wacky!
In other news, I was reading with a flashlight the other night and I saw something crawling on my hand so I jumped up and shook all the sheets out - A FREAKING CENTIPEDE! Right there on my arm! They are getting brave...

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