Pee and Sleep

A lot of people have been asking me about Ikaikas sleeping so Im going to state it for the record here.

He will usually go to sleep between 9 and 11pm. Meaning, he goes down when we go down. Now, is he going down because we are or vice versa, I do not know. I just know thats about when he knocks out. Then he will wake up anywhere around 4 to 6am and want to eat. We feed him, change him and put him back to sleep. Rare is the night when he wont go directly back to sleep once he is fed and changed. Then he stays down until between 8 and 10am.

Its not a terrible schedule. If he takes long naps during the day then he will usually be easier to put to bed at night (Granny said it best "the longer they sleep, the better they sleep"). If he doesnt nap well then things can get wild at night.

Before he was born I was pretty confident about having him on a certain schedule, convinced by the book that it was the only thing that could possibly be good for him. So am I traumatizing him now by leaving it up to chance? Will he develop major sleep issues later and will I regret not being more strict? Will I, godforbid, wonder if I should have put my own selfish needs and schedule aside for his wellbeing during his infancy?

I doubt it. And if I do end up saying later that I regret not scheduling his sleep the way the book told me to, you can just remind me that there is no possible way I could do it given my current living situation (impossible to make this place dark and I dont have a crib anyhow).

EC is becoming trickier for a multitude of reasons but mostly because Ive been lazier about it. Also, he is getting too heavy to hold over the sink for great lengths of time. He will sit on his potty seat but Ive only caught a handful (NOT literally) of doodoos or pees in the toilet since we moved here. Ive been meaning to spend an entire day diaper-free and see how it goes. Maybe tomorrow.
However, yesterday was exciting because he went swimming (screaming) at Mauna Lani and so he was naked in his carseat with a diaper under him for the ride home (he fell asleep on the way to the car and I didnt want to wake him up by putting a diaper on him). When we stopped at a gas station he woke up and was fussing so I checked him and THE DIAPER WAS DRY so I took him out and ECed him right there and he peed outside the car. It was rad.

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