My Sister: The Famous Historical Education Lady!

MADISON, Wis. -- Gov. Jim Doyle's program promoting college attendance may do little for those who need the most help without more tuition aid, according to a study released Wednesday.

The complete article can be viewed at:http://www.chicagotribune.com/news/chi-ap-wi-educationpromise,0,975261.story [this article contains pearls of wisdom from MY sister]

January 21, 2009
WISCAPE Policy Brief
Addressing Opportunity in Wisconsin's Four-Year Universities A Comparative Analysis of State College Access Programs

Beth Stransky, University of Wisconsin–Madison
Annalee Good, University of Wisconsin–Madison

This brief explores state policies designed to help students and families cope with rising tuition costs at four-year institutions. It evaluates the Wisconsin Covenant, a relatively new state program, in comparison to Indiana's Twenty-first Century Scholars Program and Georgia's HOPE Scholarship Program—two of the first and longest-standing state scholarship programs focused on access to higher education—in terms of efficiency, equity, and political feasibility. We recommend that the state of Wisconsin adopt a hybrid model—one that integrates components of the existing Wisconsin Covenant with state scholarships targeted to low-income students—in order to provide students, families, the higher education system, and the state with the highest levels of efficiency and equity.
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Written by education scholars and practitioners [they are refering here to MY sister], WISCAPE Policy Briefs are succinct analyses that provide policymakers, practitioners, and others with knowledge and recommendations based on the latest research and best practices in the field.

MY sister, newly published! She is now officially an academic big wig. Next stop? Some History Channel documentary, no doubt.

I brag to say that I not only read her paper on the GI Bill but I also attended an academic conference where she presented her research. You could say that Im somewhat of a Beth Stransky Groupie. Or Im a sucker for BS. Get it? Hardy har.

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