Babies on a Plane

I know, I know... this is from almost 3 weeks ago, so why am I posting it now?

Well, I thought for posterity I should post some pictures and comments from the plane ride over here - seeing as it is Ikaikas first airplane trip and all.

We were nervous about him flying because I have always been told horror stories of my first time on a plane. Non-stop screaming from Virginia to Washington. Granny helplessly pacing back and forth with my writhing body in her arms (back before homeland security banned such activities). I planned to nurse him on the way up and the way down, wasnt sure how to handle diaper changes, wasnt sure if the stoller wouldnt cost me $100 in extra baggage fees.

When we got to the gate we saw that the flight was packed full of children. All types of children, including other infants. In fact, there was a 6 month old boy behind us (who was about the same size as Ikaika if not smaller and dressed in what I would consider a "girly" way) and a year old girl in front of us. I just kept praying that if Ikaika was going to start screaming, could one of these other babies start screaming first so as to take the attention off of my child. I would think people are more likely to feel sorry for you if your baby is just screaming in reaction to the rucus. Essentially, I wanted to blame it on the other kid.

Luckily for me he was a dream boat and so were the other kids. He slept almost the whole way and when he was awake he was mostly just looking and cooing and whatever else small babies do when they are being dreamy. I found out that you change their diaper in your husbands lap because there really is no other place. The bathrooms are the WORST place to attempt such a thing! By the time we touched down in Kona my boobs were running on fumes. I didnt anticipate how quickly the flight would go up and down and how short our layover was. If I had to do it again, I wouldnt nurse him so long during our decent into Maui. Maybe just the last 10 minutes or so of the flight.

I also must confess, now that I have travelled with small child I never want to go back! You get to go through a special security line, you get to board the plane ahead of everyone no matter where your seat assignment is, and you can take a stroller diaper bag and other kid related sundries without paying any extra fees or compromising your own carry on bags! Its awesome. When my children grow old I may just borrow babies for flights (why not? heck, they fly for FREE!)

I should also report that the day before we left we had a doctors appointment and he was 24.5" and 14lbs 1oz. Now, three weeks later, hes about 15-16lbs and longer.

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