Twilight: the movie that sucks.

In my last post I was trying to be very blase about my feelings regarding Twilight in a desperate attempt to not let on about how totally in love I am with these books and how Ive quite unexpectedly joined forces with legions of preteen Edward Cullen fanatics.  
Well, the Stransky sisters went and saw the movie (with great anticipation) and it sucked.


I really cant say enough about how terrible it was or how truly disappointed I am.  Sad face.
Now all I have to look forward to is reading Breaking Dawn.  I guess sometimes it just pays to be literate and put in the time and effort to get through the book.

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  1. Melodie12.1.09

    Well then I bet your excited about all the shitty sequels they'll be making after the ridiculous success of this first film. The director will not be the same though, apparently she's a bit of a psycho, rumor has it.

    So you read Mormon literature, eh?