Its almost time.  In a few short hours the three of us will be on a plane destined for our new life in Hawaii.  *deep breath*  Wow.

This month has been shabby on updates so here are a bunch of pictures to make up for it!

Norio and Charlene - our new little Catholics godparents!  The baptism was fantastic - short yet very informative.  It was precisely the reason we had him baptized at the same church we were married in.  Two words: Father Bob.  Holy Family Church, people.  Its the place to be.

Gentlemens Jack for the men of the house.

Aunty Beth is by far the most fun.  Always good times with the Bethster.

And she buys you ridiculous things like the frog suit.

Hanging out at Gramma Arrayans place.  Mr A looks darker than dark - someone stop that brown man, hes stealing my child!
This is us PRE-Twilight.  Notice how excited we all seem?  Yeah...Mo should have known better.  
God that movie was terrible.


  1. Anonymous2.1.09

    Hi~ The girls and I loved witnessing Ikaika's baptism. It was beautiful. Brittany videoed it but not the whole thing because my battery went dead. UGH!! Lot's of love,

  2. Only Beth would get a frog suit for your adorable baby. Rock on. PS- This is Cortney, Beth's friend.