RDA of Cute

We went over to friends house last night and stayed up late playing games, singing karaoke, watching UFC, etc. Ikaika held up amazingly well. Slept well, stayed on schedule for the most part. This is what he looks like after a long night of mom & dad partying.
Today I experienced the downside of being a parent. Its one of the nicest days weve had here in Portland recently. Its probably the last nice weekend day before winter rolls around for good. Since we are moving soon to a place where golf is too expensive, Mr A and I wanted to go out and hit the links together one last time. Alas, I couldnt find anyone to babysit! And, unlike friends house party, its impossible to take a baby along on the golf course (although Im looking into some type of cage design that would sit atop that bucket/car seat thing and keep him safe from rouge balls - it will be featured in Sky Mall magazine and I will surely make millions). So here I am writing this blog post instead of teeing off at Glendevere. Waahhhh!
By the way, I put him in a little winter type suit today that says "6M" on the tag...it fit. Hes only 4 weeks. What a monster!

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