Now the real fun begins...

We just finished our 36 week appointment. Very cool. Three of my four midwives came and we all had apples and water and chatted forever. Wendy, the midwife that delivered babies in Vanuatu and is pretty much the reason we went with this practice, brought over her four month old daughter and she was SO CUTE! Curly little mohawk!

The baby update is that everything is awesome. Normal blood pressure, normal measurement, normal heart rate, etc. Hes in ROC or ROA or whatever the position is called thats good. Hes head down and low in my pelvis, which is kind of a wacky feeling - theres something there that wasnt there before! The midwives told me that all my contractions are a good sign that my body is getting ready for expelling this little creature.

Ive been having a feeling like he is going to come early. Not premature early, just earlier than expected. My mom and grandma both delivered their kids earlier than their EDD (estimated date of delivery) so maybe thats where Im getting it from. I really hope that he can hold on until October because Im fairly set on October as being the month of the baby coming. Im "prepared" for a September baby, Ive got all the diapers carseats and stuff ready to go, but Im expecting an October baby.

Well, next Tuesday I will be 37 weeks, which is considered full-term. So after that its just a matter of waiting for him to decide hes coming out.

In other news, I got a 6 pack of large tagless cotton bikini underoos from Costco and I CANT BELIEVE IT TOOK ME THIS LONG TO DO THAT! Its awesome and I should have bought a pack about 5 months ago before I streched out all my favorite undergarments. And when I either destroy or grow out of them (hopefully shrink out of them) then I can just toss them in the garbage because they were only 10 bucks. So smart. Why didnt I do this sooner?

As an afterthought:
One would think that October would be the 8th month of the year, huh? I think July (Julius) and August (Augutus) messed that up but I cant remember exactly how that story goes. Anyone know why that is?

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  1. Melodie19.9.08

    Ah yes, the months. You see, September means 7th month, October 8th, November 9th, and December 10th. The Romans originally had a 10-month calendar, but ten months was too short to make a year, so Julius Caesar added two months. July for himself and August for some relative named Augustus. And since they preferred summer time, instead of putting these added months at the end, they put it right smack in the middle. Smart, eh? Also, February is short because the Romans thought it was a cursed/bad luck month, like we think the number 13 is.

    I'd like to add that this information is based on what I remember being taught and it's probably a little shady, because my memory isn't worth bananas.

    Well, whether it's October or late September, it'll be a Libra baby. Hurray! ;o)