Labor Day Weekend

Although the holiday of labor is fun because I work in a field where we actually get Labor Day off, I have to admit that going back to work yesterday was painful at the very least. I stop working on the 12th and now that its September, the 12th can not come fast enough! Thats how it goes with me and my actual notice. Once I know Im not going to be working there past X-date, I just totally check out. The two week thing is a formality.

So Labor Day weekend Mr A and I went up to Seattle to spend some time with my family and attend my high school friend Carrie's wedding. Beautiful!!! Tres beau!!! It was out on this gorgeous ranch north of Seattle and she looked so fresh and precious and she carried sunflowers and everything! (her dress is from Tokyo which really ups the cuteness factor) If you had asked me in high school what I would have imagined her wedding being like - this was it. Same goes for the guy she married. Hes such a good match for her and I like them both individually as much as I like them together as a couple. It sounds so trite but I swear its true!

The whole thing was very laid back and Mr A & I had a blast. There was even hula hooping...


In baby news: I discovered last night that washing my legs in the shower is now extraordinarily difficult. When the weather forces me to stop wearing flip flops everyday we are going to have some problems!

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  1. Oh, they were at our table at your wedding, right? Super cute!