33.5 weeks

Im going to start scheduling all my appointments for Fridays. Mr A and I had the most fabulous day yesterday. The hilarious part is that we didnt even do anything. It was just a nice night. Maybe thats what being older is all about - just having nice nights. When I was younger it was all about the pursuit of excitement and the stranger the better. Man, Ive had some strange nights... Now Im thrilled when its nice! Haha, does that mean Ive "settled down"?!

Almost missed my check up because I overslept and by the time we pulled up to the midwives office at 4:20 (appointment was at 4) Beth was just leaving. Literally, she was getting into her car. Lucky we caught her! I hate rescheduling stuff like that.

The appointment was fantastic. This pregnancy is so uneventful and I like it that way. We talked more about delivery. Its crazy to think that right now Im almost 34 weeks and one would be considered "full term" at 37 weeks. So come October 1st, that baby could arrive anyday. Beth mentioned this and Mr A got very still and said quietly, "oh my god we are having a baby". The reality of all this tends to sink in at weird times for him.

Its funny when people ask me about if the baby is moving or contractions or things like that. Its not even quantifiable! I couldnt count it if I wanted to. He is ALWAYS moving (unless of course someone wants to feel him moving, then he mysteriously settles down right away)! Beth told me that having lots of these contractions is good because that usually means the uterus will be in better condition for delivery. Super news! Even when she was poking the belly to determine the babys position the damn thing started contracting! Its wild.

I was really surprised to see how long the baby is. His head is way far down by my public bone and his butt is all the way up by my ribs! I realize that hes normal sized but it just seems to be big when someone points that information out. Also, when he moves around now its more obvious what is moving. You can feel the skinny little arm or leg or a pokey knee or a big round butt, etc. Its very alien-esque.

She listened to the heartbeat and hes at about 120. Apparently "normal" is anywhere between 120-160 and it gets slower as they get bigger. So hes still considered normal but I was joking that he must take after his dad because Mr As resting heart rate is practically comatose! It gets below 50!

Great checkup. I still have to find a pediatrition and some other birth-prep chores. Two more weeks and then I start the every week appointments. Crazy. Wild.

Then we went to Holy Familys annual BBQ/Father Bobs birthday party and got some deliciously free chicken sausage dinner. I finally met the choir director that I see every week and have never spoken with. Apparently she also married an older man whom she is crazy about and instantly became a step-grandma! We had a very hilarious conversation over dinner.

Mr A went out this morning to fly a kite with Avary. For some reason he really wanted to specifically fly a kite with her. Its cute when he gets these ideas and hes so excited to do these things with her that he can barely wait until Saturday! I think he used to fly kites as a kid or something. We went to Fred Meyer yesterday and they just happened to have some nice kites on sale. I should clean up the house before the two of them come home for lunch. Or at least change out of my pajamas...

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  1. Anonymous2.9.08

    Hey Katie~
    So glad that you had a great day and that your appointment with your midwife went excellent. Have fun with the last month or so of your pregnancy.
    Love, Camille