Seaside 08

We headed down on Friday with the dog in tow - Mr A and his partner Dave (alias: Big Daddy, The Big Unit) were all set to play two days of beach volleyball. We camped at a really cool RV park/campground that was dirt cheap and discovered that we own a double decker air mattress!

soooooo tired

The weather was autrocious at best. On Friday I spent half the day shivering and coughing (Ive had a cold all this week - great timing) under about 6 layers of clothes and a blanket covered in sand. Mr A spent half the day in the first aid tent getting TENS on his knees and bathing in Bio-Freeze.

Saturday, after a looooong sleep, we felt much better but the weather just didnt want to cooperate. It was raining full blast for awhile and then turned into the worst windstorm in Seaside VB history! Sand was blowing everywhere, into everyones eyes and lungs. I should explain now that my pathetic pictures can be blamed on this since I couldnt risk exposing my digital camera to the elements and, god forbid, have something happen to it right before the baby is due.

Well, as you might guess, experience became the deciding factor during tournament play. You cant practice for these kinds of conditions. So Mr A & Dave were at a strong advantage from the start, being that they are true Seaside veterans and all around studly athletes to boot! They spent all day in the winners bracket and then suffered a devestating loss. Sparing no drama, they came back to defeat the team who had dropped them, not once, but TWICE!

Seaside Volleyball 2008 Masters Champions: "Hana Hou"!

It was such an exciting moment! Curt & Dave have been playing together at Seaside for years and have taken second, third and a multitude of other placements that fall just short of an actual title. I am so proud!

Right after they finished playing the weather mysteriously cleared up. We spent the rest of the evening with our new friends, The Yamamotos from the Big Island, watching the open finals and eating an amazing clam dinner.

(Not the Yamamotos but just as friendly - Gina & Marty)

The next morning, over tea and smoothies, Mr A taught me how to play dominoes. What a great weekend!


We are very excited to be able to tell our son that the year he was born was the year Daddy won Seaside!

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