How Small is SO Small?

I have heard "you are so small!" or some variation of it almost as much as Ive heard "so when are you due?"

What is it with these people?

Just because I may look small (or maybe I dont even look all that small but people are just trying to be polite/cheer me up/say something that sounds nice) does NOT mean that this baby is any smaller than other babies. I sometimes feel that people are implying that I dont feed myself well enough (trust me - I do). Its almost like they are trying to curb any sort of complaints I have by making me feel all fortunate to be "so tiny".

Well, it aint working.

For starters, at my last appointment my midwife informed me that the belly is perfectly on-track in measurement. So much for so tiny!
Secondly, this child is not only big enough to fill my entire body cavity at this point, but he is mighty strong. I am just over seven months now and I honestly dont know if my ribs can take 2 or more months of him growing! He is most definitely not small or tiny in my opinion. He is a baby-sized baby and hes kicking the crap out of my guts every day and night! Throw in a uterus that is CONSTANTLY contracting* and you have one exhausted midsection at the end of the day!

And, while we are on the topic, lugging around 30 extra pounds isnt exactly a cake walk. I may not be immobile, but I am constantly adjusting to keep up with my new body (and it seems I get a "new body" on a daily basis). I really truly wonder what other pregnant women went through/are going through and what made it feel so much more horrible because I dont really feel like this being "so small" stuff is easy peasy but they seem to be under the impression that it is.

Even though I am fortunate and feel very blessed for having a rather uneventful pregnancy thus far...well, actually, I guess thats it.
Hmm, that wasnt exactly the way I thought this post was going to end. Gotta just accept the good stuff when it comes, right?

*I read the other day somewhere that this woman used to think of her Brackston-Hicks contractions as her uterus' way of "warming up for the big event". I must say that, as an athlete, I appreciated that reference and found it very easy to imagine my own uterus participating in its own sort of "scrimmage".

Haha ~ now that I re-read this post I realized the weather today may have contributed to my whinning and complaining. It was like 96 degrees today in the shade and I can barely breathe in my house at night (we dont have AC or a fan). My feet are swollen and I think one of the kids at the preschool gave me their germs.

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  1. This is just my expereince but I believe when people say "Oh you are so small!" they are not actually refering to your belly, but to the rest of you. Meaning that you are one of the lucky ones that seems to be only gaining weight in the belly and no where else; I think it suppose to be a compliment. And I gotta say, I went through about four months of people going "Holy crap thats a big belly!" so take it from me the comments could be worse!
    I also think the "warm-up" that you are getting is kind of lucky in at least one respect. I had no idea what a contraction was going to feel like until they set in full force. I think of my body had given me a few warm-up tries I might have been able to handle the pain a bit better.
    Your body knows what it is doing and can take all the stretching, kicking, and growing that the little person in you can dish out!
    Hang in there!