So what have YOU been doing for the past 7 months?

Me? Ive been making baby stuff! The following is just a small sample of the extensive layette I have been preparing for my child-to-be.

*as an afterthought: if you see anything here that you would like (or if you would like it but youd like it better if it were different) feel free to contact me. Im always for hire!*

If your computer cant take the heat, youd better get the hell out of the kitchen!


This is what did it for me. This is the previously mentioned sweater that put a halt to all other knitting, at least for now. Its made with Lion Brand Vanna's Choice - 100% acrylic (thanks Vanna White!) and coconut wood buttons. The islands are duplicate stitch.


I picked up this fabric last time we were in Hawaii. I like the subtle references to longevity. There are brown cordoroy pockets on the sides (I chopped up an IZOD skirt after I finally came to terms with the fact that I will never fit into it) and the lining is some crazy fabric my mom gave me. It also has a detatchable changing pad, which I took a picture of for your convenience. The fleece blanket inside was also "made" by me but it wasnt impressive enough to merit its own picture (youll notice its SPORTS - youre welcome).


Front and back views of reused T-shirts. The brown one was Curtis' long sleeve shirt and is now babys long sleeve shirt with an envelope style collar. The black one was another Curtis shirt that is now a snap front style short sleeve shirt (would we consider this baseball style?). It also has shiny red top stitching but you probably cant tell from these pictures. The blue sleeper is my old SHAPE (Student HIV/AIDS Peer Educators) shirt from high school. Its a zip front with an elastic bottom. I heard that makes late night diaper changes/bucket runs that much easier. The hat is made from a UVA mens lacrosse shirt. It has a little topknot - adorable!


I picked up this fabric in Vanuatu when we were on our honeymoon. So its technically melenesian as opposed to polynesian but its cute irregardless. The fabric is super thin cotton (Vanuatu is super hot) so I used wool batting. Washable wool batting. Its also lined with red flannel so it will be just right for football season! I tried to up the masculinity by using black rick-rack for the trim. Mr A likes it because red & black are his favorite colors.

#5 Various Other Things

Some other things. A pair of booties that I havent finished since I went on knitting strike (thats up in the righthand corner - this pic is kind of dark) Made with Astra yarn. I think Im going to add pompoms to the back of the cuff. Then we have a grey fleece hat with buttons from my jean jacket. Looks like a hat Mr A wears all the time, except his is brown. Some lounge pants made from a Virginia T-shirt. They are newborn size but I am a little skeptical. Seems big to me. A onesie that I decorated with Alpha Phi Omega goodness. You cant see this but I puffy painted crystal glitter around the letters. Then a leopard print fleece sleep sack. I actually made this LOOOONG before I got preggo - I consider leopard to be a "neutral".


  1. This is the cutest baby gear ever. I soo need to learn how you make this stuff. Im jealous of the baby bag its adorable. I would rock it and I'm no where near being preggos. You are such a cute nester. Keep the picks coming.

  2. Melodie24.7.08

    I love the idea of using you guys' old t-shirts to make baby clothes. (S)he'll be wearing your scents and will feel so safe in them, plus they look great. Kudos!

  3. Oh my god, shock and awe. You are freaking amazing!! 3 more months of crafting or are you done?

  4. And, an hiv/aids onesie? Amazing.

  5. Anonymous28.7.08

    CUTE!! I love the brown sweaters. That lucky lil' Hawaiian boy.... =)

    - Carrie

  6. Those clothes are INCREDIBLE! And I love that diaper bag! Are you taking orders? I just throw out a ton of old t-shirts of mine and Chris's...wish I could have paid you to do something cool with them...what an idea!

  7. hi, i'm abbie's sister and found your blog from hers...

    just have to say that I LOVE your recycled t-shirts! you should open an ETSY shop!!! seriously...i know a lot of my friends who would die to have old 80's band shirts made into baby gear! and i love those college pants.

    keep crafting while you have the time! :)