I just finished ordering the smallest size gi (martial arts uniform) known to man for Koa.  Mr A has been regularly training them on Thursday nights while I attend parent meetings at the school and we both feel that its time to make this activity official.
There are few things that make me so proud as to watch my husband intentionally pass on the knowledge that was given to him.  Perhaps this is the most joyful and narcissistic part of parenting, where we can ensure that we live on through our children by teaching them what we know.  What is our family, after all, if it can not be defined by certain trades and skills.
Martial arts is the greatest gift, the most important life skill, that was given to my husband by his father.  It has shaped the man he is today and he becomes a better person as he continues to grow through this discipline.  Kajukenbo is a way of life.  It is a responsibility of vital importance that Mr A is able to pass this onto his children.
Of course, this requires a certain level of self-discipline from me.  Kajukenbo - especially the hard-style that is the tradition of his family - requires growth through pain and learning to push past a certain level of discomfort in order to develop personal boundaries.  This may require stern looks, austerity and physical hardships.  It can be fun, but its not all fun.  There are no trophies, no team dinners, no competitions - but I believe it is worthwhile. 
Mr A knows how hard to push the boys and he knows how to love them even when he is not being loving.  We both want the same thing: to have the assurance that our children know how to protect themselves.  That they are able to recognize and listen to their instincts.  That they are strong in their spirit, mind and body.  Martial arts is a vehicle for all these skills and more. 
I'm just thankful that I'm not home to watch it because my "mommy rescue reflex" would go into overdrive at the first sound of tears!  They will get more out of it if I'm not there and it becomes something that they share with him, which is the way it should be.

I just hope that Mr A reciprocates my attitude when it comes time for piano lessons!

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