Take the Time to Make the Time

Today I ran across a picture on my friend's Facebook page (thanks, Cort) that spoke the truth in big capital letters: STOP THE GLORIFICATION OF BUSY!

Oh man, how I struggle with that.  I whip up a mile long to-do list everyday.  I want other people to look at my life and think "how does she do it?" rather than "what does she do all day?" But is that making me happy or making my life more fulfilling?  The most honest answer would probably be no.

This year was supposed to be a nice transitional year.  Things are more stable now than they have been in a long, long time.  In April, I dreamed about what I would do with all this free time.  Write another book.  Give Ikaika piano lessons.  Maybe get more involved at the school, take some time to really learn Hawaiian.

Unfortunately, as it is, I spend a lot of time thinking about the pile of "things" I have yet to do.  I feel obligated to keep busy, but the truth is, someone else should coach the soccer team.  And someone else can attend the seminar in Kona.  By not jumping on every opportunity that presents itself, I am actually allowing other people to assume a leadership role that might change their lives.

Someday I hope to find the correct level of 'busy'.  I hope to be active and involved while still having enough free time to focus on the moments that matter in between.  Maybe all I need is an attitude adjustment?