Sick Days

Last week the boys both got sick but on separate days.  Koa ran a fever one day, which we happily burned off while drinking coconut water and watching Pokemon.  Ikaika came home from school and sat quietly with him watching TV (unheard of on a school night but I didn't have the courage to turn it off).  Two days later, I got a call to pick up Kaika from school because he was running a fever.  When I got there all the kids were eating lunch outside and he was laying on the floor in the middle of the classroom.  I could hear his snoring from the doorway.  He hit the couch hard and slept all afternoon.  Koa, rather than being quiet and cooperative, ran around like a maniac and did everything in his power to make the afternoon as miserable as possible.  I felt awful - I wanted to care for Ikaika, but I ended up mostly ignoring him because I was dealing with Koa's madness! 
Kaika is a very tough kid.  When I was small (and even now that I'm an adult), when I threw up I would panic and cry.  He just puked and said in a quiet voice, "I kind of feel better."  People always told me that my own child's vomit wouldn't bother me (I usually get all queasy), and I guess its true!  Maybe its because Mr A wasn't home, but I just cleaned him up and moved on like a champ.  It was a total breakthrough in my parenting.  Then again, I also used the television to placate my children for almost 4 days straight so they would just sit still and let their bodies rest.  Didn't think that would ever happen either - busting through the barriers between fantasy mom and reality mom!

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