Project 333 and My Wardrobe Revelations

This new round of Project 333 isn't going quite as smoothly as before.  I've learned 3 things thus far:
  1. My camera phone takes pretty low quality photos for boasting such high megapixels.  Clearly, I need a flash and something above a 5 if I am going to replace my trusty little handheld for good.
  2. Post-pregnancy hormone imbalance did not claim the bulk of my hair (hooray!), which makes the  heavy bang grow out painfully mopish (boo!)
  3. I probably only like two thirds of the clothes I picked and some of the things I want to like best, things that were my staples last round (american apparel le sac dress) I am intending to wear then skipping over - every. single. day.  Logic would demand that I just Ebay the darn thing already, but...I don't know.  I'm in love with the idea of it. 

1 comment:

  1. I think you always look adorable but I agree that bangs are difficult. The last time I had them, I too made them too thick somehow. Although, you look very good in bangs. And it would be good if you could somehow grow out some and cut the rest. I tried this too but it's not easy cuz it looks kinda crazy. Anyways, as for the le sac dress, perhaps you've grown out of that style?? And that's why you're not wearing it? I'm also done (completely bored with it) with my current wardrobe and am ready for new stuff. I've already started ebay-ing a lot (I probably could do with a lot less clothes anyway). I like nothing in my entire closet, boo!!!